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Vertical Bags Making and Packing Machine for Jam, Pepper Powder

Vertical Bags Making and Packing Machine for Jam, Pepper Powder

GX420 vertical packing machine can be widely used to pack various kinds of fluidity particles, Granular, powder and liquid automatic packaging (such as Jam, Pepper powder, pesticides, veterinary drugs, milk powder, glucose, coffee powder, condiments, additives, etc.), and can complete bag making, feeding, metering, filling and sealing process.

GX420H  Vertical Bags Making and Packing Machine for Jam, Pepper Powder



一,the main features and structural features

1. Low investment, high return, speed, high efficiency

2. Import PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, large display touch screen easy to operate.

3 servo membrane system, horizontal seal servo control, accurate positioning, excellent overall performance,

4. To maximize the reliability of the machine and the degree of intelligence.

5. The machine and the metering device can be automatically matched to complete feeding, bag making, filling, bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), counting, finished product output of the whole process.


二  The scope of application

This machine can be used with automatic weighing machine, measuring cup measuring machine, artificial feeding conveyor, spiral measuring machine matching. Wide range of packaging for a variety of granular, block, strip and powder packaging objects.





Max speed


Bag size

Length:60---300 mm

Width:80---200 mm

Film max width


Film thickness

0.04-0.09 mm

Drawing mode

Double belt drawing die

Air consumption

0.8Mpa  0.5m3/min


3KW  220V  50HZ

Out Dimension

Length 1260 x width 1015 x height 1560 mm





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