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The Rapid Development Of Food Processing Industry, Vacuum Packaging Machine Market Demand Is Huge
Jan 13, 2018

In recent years, the prosperous e-commerce and the rise of new retail have brought about the rapid development of China's agricultural products and some food processing industries. Some of our common market demands for soy products, dairy products, egg products, aquatic products and frozen foods have increased. A substantial increase in revenue, have led directly to the rapid growth of the food packaging machinery industry.

Although food processing and production have a long history, many foods are restricted by issues unfavorable to preservation and transportation, and the market is also restricted. Vacuum packaging machine to prevent food spoilage, deterioration, to maintain the freshness of food, increase the shelf life of food, and packaged products look beautiful, easy to carry, very popular with consumers. In particular, some of the hot-selling vacuum-packed snacks in supermarkets must be vacuum-packed.

Food, which not only led to the development of food machinery industry, but also to food safety has brought new hope. General food vacuum requirements of 94% is conducive to the preservation of food, and Furukawa production of automatic vacuum packaging machine can reach 97%, the vacuum effect is very good, and packaged products are very beautiful, not easy to account leaks , It is suitable for large-scale processing enterprises.

Food vacuum packaging machine material selection is also very important, many deep-processed foods contain water, oil, salt, sauces, etc., has a certain degree of corrosive, so the choice of packaging machine material is 304 stainless steel food grade, not only Durable, but not raw embroidery, the operating system is also all the use of mechanical and electrical integration, simple and quick operation.

At present, there is a huge market demand for vacuum packaging machines in China. It is predicted that the demand for vacuum packaging machines for small foodstuffs (bean products, egg products, beef, chicken, duck, etc.) will exceed 20 billion yuan and the annual processing capacity To reach 75 million tons, need to process capacity of 200,000 tons of 380 production lines.

In recent two years, the manufacturing industry in China has been developing rapidly. Made in China is moving toward the process of creation in China. China has become the fifth largest producer and exporter of machinery after the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy. At the same time, the development of foreign countries Eyes are also focused on this big cake in China's packaging market. To this end, to create an international brand is an urgent matter.

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