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The 27th Annual Meeting Of China Food And Packaging Machinery Industry Association And The 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum Were Held In Huai'an In December
Jan 25, 2018

This annual meeting is co-sponsored by China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Food Machinery Branch of China Institute of Food Science and Technology, Huai'an Municipal People's Government, Huai'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, CCPIT Huai'an, and Jiangsu Tianyu Albert Technology Co., Ltd. The topics of this annual conference and forum are: "New Thinking, New Motive Power, New Economy", and hundreds of industry guests from the field of food industry and equipment, Japan, South Korea and other Asia Pacific regions will focus on the new growth point of the food industry, New trends and innovations in food technology and equipment brought about by new technologies, the forum will provide an authoritative exchange and think tank platform for the food industry and the food equipment industry.

Food Industry and Equipment Integration and Development Depth Implementation of the National Strategy

At present, from a macro point of view, the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China states: China's economy has shifted from a phase of rapid growth to a phase of high-quality development. China is in the process of transforming its mode of development, optimizing its economic structure and transforming the driving force of growth. It insists on quality first and efficiency first , With supply-side structural reform as the main line, promoting quality change, efficiency change and dynamic reform of economic development, and improving total factor productivity; accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry and promoting the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, Consumption, innovation leads, green low-carbon, shared economy, modern supply chain, human capital services and other fields to foster new growth points and form new momentum; support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, speed up the development of modern service industry and aim at raising international standards. Promote China's industry towards high-end global value chain, cultivate a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters.

With the in-depth integration of the shared economy, the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence with the food industry, the food industry in China is showing a new trend of development: the central kitchen in the catering industry is being factory-made, the traditional brewing industry is upgrading its industry with new technologies, The exponential growth in the beer beverage industry segment, the accumulation of lactic acid bacteria in healthy low-temperature beverages, and the snack foods in the area of traditional foods have become many new economic growth points in China's food industry. New ideas and new technologies bring new impetuses to the industry, upgrade the industrialization of China's food industry, build a new economy in the food industry, and thoroughly implement the strategic plan put forward by the country.

New thinking, new technology to promote the new momentum of the food industry

In recent years, consumer internet has gradually matured the O2O model, hungry, and springing up in the latest business model such as Box Ma. These new ideas have quickly become a new business model under the blessing of various new technologies. Driven by capital and technology, Realizing the exponential growth of business, this new business model has revolutionized the food industry.

The food and beverage industry gradually developed into a central kitchen and realized the factory + store + distribution business model under the latest technology of intelligent supply chain. New technologies and new equipment such as intelligent equipment, information system, AGV and artificial intelligence promoted the traditional white wine brewing Intelligent production, intelligent brewing + smart packaging + smart logistics make the traditional liquor industry rejuvenate new life; new thinking, new consumption, new retail, with the continuous change of consumer spending concept, craft beer has gradually become the new favorite of consumers, small The public, community and individualized beer products have become the first choice of many high-end consumers and promoted the rapid development of all kinds of craft beer equipment in China. The mature consumption concept of consumers has given birth to the development of low-temperature and healthy dairy drinks industry, , Low-temperature lactic acid bacteria products showed a rapid development momentum to promote China's low-temperature aseptic filling and packaging equipment rapid development in recent years; increasingly sophisticated consumer Internet has effectively promoted the direction of the Chinese food industry toward the rapid development of snack foods, all kinds of geographical Sex food sterilization technology, sterile packaging and other technical equipment Under the card evolved into a complex class of leisure food system, the food industry leisure food is undoubtedly the food industry in recent years the development of a major direction, a variety of bag-type packaging machines, vacuum packaging machines, robot bagging, packing, sterilization Kettle and other equipment have achieved rapid growth;

With the new thinking and various new technologies, the food industry has emerged new manufacturing and new modes in many fields and has become the new impetus for the growth of China's food industry. Meanwhile, the food industry equipment is also moving toward a modular, intelligent and informative The rapid development of the direction.

New economic model brings together cross-border integration of food and equipment innovation

We call the food industry's new growth model the new economy of the food industry. Under the new economic model, we have reorganized the traditional food industry production. For example, the central kitchen factory transformed the existing food and beverage equipment from the stores To the factory. The more industrialized production of new catering equipment has dramatically increased production efficiency and reduced costs. In addition, these plants were previously used in the filling, packaging, labeling and other equipment of the food factory for customization. A variety of high-efficiency, high-capacity net dishes equipment, cutting equipment, mixing equipment and other large applications, breaking the boundaries of the original application, was given a new definition.

Another example is the traditional fermentation of soy sauce to fermentation tanks, fermentation-based, part of the system is also mainly composed of manual and simple machining. Driven by the new technology and new thinking, the application of the large-scale disc-shape preparation machine made the koji fully digitized and leapfrogged to the stage of intelligent manufacturing in one step. In the fermentation stage, a large amount of reference was made to the fermenting system of temperature- And the introduction of CIP cleaning and other liquid food technology, so that the fermentation of soy sauce has also achieved digital control; in the packaging part of the introduction of sophisticated beverage packaging system, in the filling, labeling, packing, palletizing and other aspects of digital; these The cross-border application of the soy sauce brewing link to achieve a new fusion, culminating in our very tradition of soy sauce brewing became the most innovative and intelligent production, which is the food industry and equipment to practice innovation in cross-border integration model.

In many other areas of the food industry, traditional meat products, traditional pastas, bakery products, beverages, dairy products, etc. have also shown many new economic models to promote the innovation of new technology and equipment.

Build food industry and food equipment integration and development of the authoritative think tank

With the development of China's food industry and equipment industry, the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association has held its 26th annual meeting, the Asian Food Equipment Forum has also been successfully held for six years, in order to promote China's food industry and equipment industry Development has played a guiding and directional role. Now, under the new goals, new situations and new economy guidelines set forth in the report of the 19th National Congress, under the strategic deployment of the Belt and Road Initiative, China Food Packaging Machinery Industry Association has taken the initiative to meet new challenges and has taken resources from all quarters and brought together the wisdom of all sides. The annual meeting to create a fusion of food industry and equipment industry's leading think tank platform.

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