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Smart Robots Or Six Opportunities For Manufacturing Companies
Feb 07, 2018

Computer algorithms are becoming more and more complex, and smart technologies are gradually becoming more and more capable. Enterprise lines, smart logistics, shopping malls, shopping experiences, driverless, smart medical services, smart voice navigation services, smart appliances, smart traffic signs and more , The robot era has quietly come, smart technology innovation brings wealth.

In just a dozen years, artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly evolving. Nowadays, there are signs of artificial intelligence technology everywhere. Intelligent UAVs can provide data analysis, measurement and three-dimensional printing. Mobile robots can automate logistics tasks. Intelligent pharmacies and intelligent warehousing centers , Smart libraries, robots to assist surgeons in surgery, robot arm movement more accurate and reach the narrow area of the body to collect data, mobile robots can be widely used in agriculture, mining, automotive, industrial, manufacturing and many other fields.

Robots can even recognize images, imitate neural networks, imitate human actions, recognize colors, light and sound, and robots can have ears, lips, eyes that look the same as human beings. Robots can recognize faces, faces and fingerprinting can provide services in many areas, the robot can be used in mobile terminals, to provide users with voice recognition services.

In the field of manufacturing industry, robots can replace the traditional blue collar heavy physical repetitive work, the enterprise pipeline, almost can not see a blue-collar workers, a row of robots instead of manufacturing assembly line manufacturing work, long robotic arm, accurately completed A manufacturing task in a car factory, a large logistics distribution center, robots can accomplish a lot of tasks, according to Oxford and the Big Four accounting firms, more than one-third of manufacturing jobs may be replaced by robots. Robot smart technology to promote manufacturing enterprises to upgrade, or specifically in the following areas:

First, purchase.

Enterprises purchasing raw materials, intelligent technology can help purchasing department automatically retrieve material information, improve the retrieval efficiency in the era of big data, intelligent technology can assist the purchasing department to complete the classification of material information to find statistics, a more comprehensive understanding of the procurement information, and then compare, Make the best purchase plan. Reduce the cost of procurement, improve procurement efficiency, shorten the procurement department plan time, improve procurement efficiency.

Second, inventory.

Today's warehouses are not in the same place as the past. Intelligent technologies can assist the handling, storage and updating of inventory departments to intelligently classify the finished products, semifinished products, raw materials, labor tools, supplies and equipment in warehouses Statistics and Analysis. Optimize inventory, improve inventory efficiency, from the inventory of manual registration inventory information to intelligent robots to help complete, greatly improving the efficiency of inventory management.

Third, the production line.

In the textile mill workshop, the automobile manufacturing factory workshop, the robots substitutes the blue collar to work, the robots can weave, the robots can install the auto parts, the robots gives the car paint, the robots installs the car to the car, installs the car frame, installs the car screw, installs the car tire and the like jobs. Manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, intelligent robots to replace the traditional blue-collar work, special jobs such as painters, textile workers and other work by the robot instead of more environmentally friendly and greener.

Fourth, logistics and distribution.

Intelligent technology to improve the efficiency of logistics and distribution, according to the order information, the robot automatically find the product automatically sent to the transport, automatic packaging, UAV quickly sent to the user. Shopping centers, logistics and distribution centers, e-commerce logistics and distribution centers, logistics and distribution centers, robots can improve distribution efficiency, reduce costs and provide consumers with better services.

Fifth, smart technologies bring new opportunities to the marketing department.

First, smart technology reduces marketing expenses. Traditionally, the marketing department of a large state-owned enterprise obtains data through telephone, mail, statistical questionnaire, etc., and uses statistical tools to do data analysis on the collected samples. The advertisements generally have comparatively fixed methods, internal newspapers of enterprises, internal newspaper files of enterprises , Intranet, etc., enterprises in the choice of brokers or retailers, mostly old customers and fixed channels. The Internet to enterprise product information online, consumers can get the most timely product information, understanding of the latest product features and applications, reducing intermediate links marketing, shorten the path of business and consumers closer together, through artificial intelligence technology , Consumers can get a variety of enterprise product information, text introduction, video display, virtual showroom, intelligent voice, image information. Multi-faceted, all angles to understand product information, business and anti-Li can also communicate in time, businesses can also improve the production technology based on consumer feedback, improve organizational processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Second, provide services based on consumer needs. Traditionally, many companies are the first design drawings, marketing, marketing, contact the market positioning of consumers. The Internet era, the existing consumer demand, and then through the Internet directly to the business, what products or services are needed, enterprises based on consumer demand for production, reduce waste, improve efficiency, based on consumer demand and production, based on consumer demand and provide services, Consumer positioning to match market demand to produce more products or services market potential, reducing inventory, improve logistics efficiency and reduce business costs to meet consumer demand, artificial intelligence technology to help enterprises tap the potential market demand, and constantly meet the market Changing needs.

Again, product knowledge information and full service.

In the past to television, newspapers, magazines and other traditional delivery of advertising and knowledge services upgrade, mobile Internet and the digital age, consumers understand product information more comprehensive, you want to know a product that can be simulated online virtual show, from all angles , You want to know how to use the product, ready to download video shows, you want to see what color, you can move through the network picture, do not want to see just want to hear, can be introduced by voice navigation. Behind every kind of product, there is a manufacturing enterprise, consumers understand the business, business organization, production lines, sales channels, procurement channels, purchase channels, supplier information, logistics and distribution services, business information services to customers, the entity Store experience service information, business service information, business after-sales maintenance information, new product launches information, etc., can obtain product knowledge information anytime, anywhere through the mobile smart device. Consumers can get product sales service, obtain product knowledge information and full service information through the Internet. People can also understand, install and repair service through pre-sales and after-sale service through mail, WeChat, Weibo and mobile internet. Technology to provide consumers with better full service.

Sixth, intelligent robots reduce manpower training costs.

Robots can repeatedly explain the production line workflow, working principle, production technology. Robots can provide employees with more ways of training, computer software application, hardware maintenance, some basic principles and knowledge of chemical machinery by means of voice, text, video and presentation. The robot can be repeatedly displayed to the employees and the training methods of the employees are more. Yuan, training time is more flexible, open the rest of the robot at any time, complete training with fragmentary time. If the production line technology upgrades, you can always update the robot stored training content. Employees can connect enterprise robots at any time through the intelligent terminal to watch the presentation of the robots in the pipeline. Through virtual technology, they can practice imitation and improve the training efficiency of operation. Robots replace the pipeline work, the company's blue-collar workers can enhance the technical innovation based on the operation of the robot to increase the maintenance of the robot, maintenance, escalating and other services.

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