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Robot And Intelligent Manufacturing How To Make Deep Integration
Feb 07, 2018

Recently, "Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum" was held at Hefei University of Technology. Robot experts and manufacturing elites from all over the country came together to discuss how robots and intelligent manufacturing can be used to create a cluster of robotic industries in Hefei through deep integration. Robot technology and industrial innovation across.
Thirty years to accumulate, from small to large
Intelligent Manufacturing extends the concept of manufacturing automation to be more flexible, intelligent and highly integrated. The robot is a high-end smart equipment on behalf of, has been hailed as "the crown of the crown manufacturing industry's pearl."
Robot replacement of artificial production is an important trend of future manufacturing industry is to achieve the basis of intelligent manufacturing, but also the future realization of industrial automation, digital, intelligent protection. "Why do robots need intelligent manufacturing?" Li Shaofei, manager of KUKA Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said in his speech at the conference: "Many working conditions are unfriendly. For example, in industries such as dangerous goods manufacturing, chemical engineering and military industry, the aging population brings shortage of labor force , Artificial training costs are too high, the robot pushed to the cusp of smart manufacturing. "Therefore, around the automotive, machinery, electronics, manufacturing of dangerous goods, defense industry, chemical industry, light industry and other applications, industrial robots will become intelligent manufacturing Representative of intelligent equipment.
December 18, 1987, China successfully developed the first fully localized robot - Ye Gang No. 1 robot. At that time, Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel researchers after four years of hard work to achieve a number of key breakthroughs in core technologies to fill China's industrial robot control system in the technical gaps. After nearly 30 years of development, China's robot industry from scratch, from small to large, has been formed in the robot R & D design, manufacturing, engineering applications and spare parts supporting industrial clusters. According to public figures, in 2014, China won the title of the No. 1 industrial robotic market in the world. The sales volume of robots in China increased by 56% to 57,000 units. Although robot technology and industry in our country have grown from "runners" to "parallelists", there is still a clear gap compared with developed countries.
Today, the robotics industry has high hopes for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. In 2015, the World Robot Congress was held in Beijing. President Xi Jinping said in his letter that China has included robotics and intelligent manufacturing in the priority areas of national science and technology innovation. In recent years, policies, funding and many resources are rapidly tilting toward robots and smart manufacturing.
Pain point in the new era, how to grow stronger
"From a robot power to a robot powerhouse, focusing on the development of core components is the key." Delegate, Chongqing, Chongqing Science and Technology Yangtze River Research Institute chief engineer Li Bandong introduction, the controller is the brain of the robot, mainly used to release and transfer of movement instructions. The modern manufacturing industry has high requirements on the openness of industrial robot controllers, requiring them to be transplanted between different platforms and interacting with other application systems. Gugao Technology relies on years of accumulated experience in motion control and focuses on providing the core control technology platform. The open universal robot controller is one of the important R & D achievements.

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