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Powder Packaging Machine
Dec 11, 2017

1. Use: Powder packaging machine applicable to the packaging of small sticky powder such as: Zhuanggufen, milk powder, soy milk powder, cereal, coffee cereal, and other items of measurement packaging.

2, packaging materials: paper / polyethylene, cellophane / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum / polyethylene, polyester / polyethylene,

Powder packaging machine

BOPP film, tea filter paper and other heat-sealable composite packaging materials.

3, powder packaging machine, also known as powder packaging machine, packaging machine and particle packaging machine, liquid packaging machine known as the packaging machine of the three series.

Wrapping paper into rolls. Its outer diameter is not more than 300mm, the inner diameter of paper roll skeleton is 75mm. There should be positioning control spot between two independent trademarks. The spot width is about 5mm, the spot length is about 10mm, the spot should be vivid, Uniform, the greater the contrast between the light spot and the base paper, the more reliable the control.

When designing trademarks, attention should also be paid to the fact that there should no longer be a trademark pattern or other words in the sidebands occupied by the light spots so as not to cause false triggering of the light spots.

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