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Opportunities And Challenges Faced By China Automatic Food Packaging Machine Industry
Dec 13, 2017

Whether it is the need for any product packaging, the exquisite packaging has affected the consumer grade. With the improvement of the level of consumption of packaging machinery industry also will be rapid development. The first is to benefit from the food industry, a wide range of food automatic packaging machine after another, from the printing and packaging to the combination weigher and finished product packaging for sale, every aspect of innovation for the food automatic packaging machine industry brings new business opportunities . In addition to the food industry: food, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, hardware, building materials and other aspects of the use of packaging machinery is also very extensive. In addition to hard social needs, the Chinese government has taken corresponding measures to encourage the transformation and upgrading of packaging machinery enterprises to move forward in the direction of industrialization, informatization and marketization to help enterprises break through the difficulties of capital and technology.

As we all know, China has a large number of packaging machinery companies, a large part of the relatively small-scale enterprises, low-tech. Only about 5% of packaging machinery companies have a full set of packaging system production capacity, with Japan, Germany, Italy and other international packaging machinery companies compete. Europe and the United States with its strong economic and technological advantages of China's packaging machinery enterprises caused tremendous pressure.

Although China is developing rapidly in all aspects, the development path of the packaging machinery industry is not always easy and it will face even greater challenges. At present, many packaging companies will target a foreign country, but the competition in foreign markets is more intense. Their technological level has been overwhelmingly favorable to China's packaging machinery enterprises because their research and development and use were several years earlier than in China. At present, China's packaging companies can stand on the international stage only a handful of a few.

We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Not only for Chinese market, but for Sonth Amreican,North American,Aisa, Middle East, African and Eurpean Market. 

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