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Green Packaging To Promote Environmental Protection In The Packaging Industry
Feb 05, 2018

Green packaging to promote environmental protection in the packaging industry

With the development of packaging industry, as long as it is sold on the market, there will be packaging, which brings tremendous pressure on the environment. In the role of environmental awareness, green has become the development direction of the packaging industry. At the same time, food safety incidents have also caused the packaging industry to develop in a green direction.
The rapid development of China's food industry, the packaging industry has provided a broad space for development. It is expected that circular economy will become the main mode of development for the packaging industry in the future. The recycling of used waste resources will be industrialized, the green packaging materials will be vigorously exploited and developed, and the packaging-based industries will also accelerate their development.

Since the 1980s, "green food", "green dress", "green refrigerator" and "green car" have set off a massive green wave in the world. Per capita consumption of packaging materials in foreign countries is above 100kg per annum, with 50kg in the United States, 200kg in Japan, 90kg in Germany, 80kg in the Commonwealth of Independent States and 30kg in China, compared to the lower per capita consumption of packaging materials in China There are as many as 1.3 billion people in China, so the annual consumption of packaging materials is still quite large. Therefore, environmental protection has become the inevitable direction of development of the packaging industry.

Green packaging can also be referred to as pollution-free packaging and environmental friend packaging, refers to the ecological and human health harmless, can be reused and recycled, consistent with the sustainable development of packaging. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Degradable are recognized as the 3R and 1D principles for developing green packaging in today's 21st century. Green packaging should be understood as completely safe and pollution-free throughout the life cycle, and paper packaging is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly packaging material.

Paper is the main raw material of natural plant fibers, will quickly decay in nature, will not cause pollution of the environment, but also recycled paper. Therefore, many international corporations use recyclable paper for annual reports and promotional materials, use recycled paper to make letterheads and letterheads to reflect their green environmental concerns and at the same time set a good corporate image. There are paper pulp paper pulp parts, composite materials, construction materials and other purposes. In addition to its advantages of light weight, low cost, shock resistance and the like, the pulp molded product has the advantages of good air permeability and good preservation of fresh products. It is widely used in the circulation of international commodities and is widely used in the fragile of eggs, fruits and glass products , Easy to break, afraid of extrusion packaging turnover on the items.

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