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Food Processing Industry Can Not Do Without Packaging Technology, Equipment Innovation And Development
Dec 29, 2017

In recent years, China's food packaging industry has gained great development, and new breakthroughs have also been made in various fields such as packaging equipment and packaging technology. At the same time, but also for the food production and processing of packaging links provide strong technical support, and thus protect the quality and safety of food.

Compared with developed countries, China's food machinery industry started relatively late, and only achieved rapid development after the reform and opening up. Before the food production and processing needs to be done manually, even food packaging, not only affects the efficiency and cost, food safety and health can not be guaranteed. In recent years, stimulated by the strong market demand, the packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has undergone major changes. On the one hand, our country has led the development of the local packaging industry through the introduction of advanced foreign technologies and equipment; on the other hand, the manufacturing industry in our country has made tremendous development. The relevant packaging machine manufacturers have made breakthroughs in their own R & D and innovation. For example, Shenyang Dongtai Machinery Company developed double chamber vacuum packaging machine, the use of electronic thermostat technology, the use of panel control system, not only easy to operate and maintain simple, it has waterproof, moisture, low failure rate, long life, etc., the device is widely used , Suitable for all kinds of flexible packaging materials.

Most food production and processing need to go through the packaging process, different foods according to the need to choose the appropriate packaging. In general, food packaging is divided into inner and outer packaging two categories. The inner package comes into direct contact with the food and wraps it, while the outer package involves the bundling, packing, sealing, labeling and other operations. Neither the inner packaging nor the outer packaging can not be separated from the corresponding packaging equipment. As China's food machinery manufacturing industry continues to innovate and develop, China's packaging technology and equipment have also been fully upgraded. Among them, the application of modified atmosphere packaging technology is a very good proof.

Violet Xinjiang enterprises invested heavily in the introduction of gas lock fresh packaging production line. The production line is a gas barrier packaging material packaging halogen food, will be a certain percentage of mixed gas filled packaging, to prevent food in the physical, chemical, biological and other aspects of quality decline or slow down the quality of the rate, thereby extending the shelf of food Period, to enhance food value. Halogen Food Qia lock fresh packaging market, from the control of product freshness to enhance food safety, the safest and most delicious food dedicated to consumers.

In fact, in addition to packaging materials on the market circulation also need to indicate the raw materials, origin, production date, shelf life and other related information, and more information in the form of labels carried in the outer packaging, and labeling machine is automatically attached to the label food Packaging machines, greatly improving the labeling of the time and efficiency.

At present, China's production of labeling machine is gradually increasing the species, the technical level has also been greatly improved, from manual, semi-automatic labeling of the backward situation, automated high-speed labeling machine to occupy the majority of the market pattern. The labeling machine can be divided into three categories according to the type of objects to be affixed, such as flat labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, side labeling machine. The side class labeling machine can be used for flat bottles, boxes, etc., but also supporting the round bottle marking equipment, while achieving round bottle labeling. And Gao Zhen Machinery has been committed to the development of labeling machines, both automatic one-sided labeling machine, but also fully automatic double-sided labeling machine. Among them, the latter uses a rigid plastic synchronization guide chain on both sides, automatically ensure that the bottle is neutral, on the bottle into the bottle and the line workers into the bottle low, greatly reducing the difficulty of docking operations or workers can be stand-alone production, but also with the assembly line Production, very flexible.

Overall, although China's food packaging technology and equipment have also been developed, but compared with foreign countries there are still gaps, the lack of independent research and development capabilities, the key technology and equipment rely mainly on imports. In addition, the United States Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association had a simple analysis of the future direction of packaging machinery, including mechanical transition speed, intelligent package machinery, the implementation of dual tasks, affordable. Thus, we can see that China's packaging machinery industry still has a long way to go. Relevant enterprises to grasp the general trend of market development, and continue to strengthen research and development equipment, making packaging equipment to better meet the needs of food packaging, in order to ensure food quality and safety.

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