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Food Packaging Machinery Industry: The Depth Of Integration And Automation
Dec 13, 2017

At present, the new generation of Internet technology and food industry in-depth integration is leading to far-reaching changes in the food industry. During the five years between 2012 and 2016, the economy of China has stepped into a new normal, shifting from "full food" to "good food." Large-scale food groups with annual sales of 10 billion yuan are constantly emerging. The accompanying food and The development of packaging machinery from stand-alone operation to the entire industrial chain whole line production; from single manual operation to the robot cooking, delivery, packaging, palletizing and other Internet, the depth of artificial intelligence integration.

Robots lead the food industry upgrade

In recent years, the emergence of different types of robotic devices has affected all aspects of the food industry in terms of manpower costs, resource inputs, productivity and food safety, and has affixed a modern and intelligent label to the food industry. Such as food picking robots, food processing robots, food packaging robots, palletizing robots, cooking robots, even the complex Chinese food can be "unmanned" production.

Wok intelligent machine - Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Square has a "future supermarket", set up self-service sales of vegetables and 18 cooking smart machines, 28 kinds of dishes to choose from. Customers like to buy drinks in the self-service shopping cart after buying dishes can be put into the cooking machine to complete the cooking, enjoy the delicious scene. The supermarket also introduced 16 unmanned cash registers, customers can complete the entire process of self-service shopping.

Large-scale upgrade of food equipment localization

During the five years between 2012 and 2016, our country realized the localization of food equipment and made great strides to upgrade. Among them, we have formed a relatively complete product system in terms of common technologies and conventional equipment. Processing of agricultural products, processing of raw materials and processes, crushing, pressing, extraction, filtration, liquid food filling, high-precision meat slaughtering and processing equipment, key technologies of cleaner production, various types of automatic high-speed packaging equipment, high-speed food online testing equipment, The key areas such as high-tech detection technologies and equipment for food contaminants and packaging, and food tracking and traceability technologies have rapidly shorten the gap and basically meet the needs of industrialized food production in China. Some of the fields have reached the international advanced level. At the same time, a number of key key enterprises with strong R & D capability, a certain scale and operating income exceeding 1 billion yuan have also emerged

In 2012, China's food and packaging machinery industry achieved a total industrial output value of 250 billion yuan, a total output value of 295 billion yuan in 2013, a total output value of 340 billion yuan in 2014 and a total industrial output value of 389.3 billion yuan in 2015.

At present, China's macroeconomy has entered a new normal, the development of various industries has gradually shifted from high-speed to medium-high-speed, from the rapid growth of scale to intensive growth of quality and efficiency, from investment driven by factors to innovation driven, to the food industry and the food products that support it Technology and equipment industry must face the transformation and upgrading of industries and structural adjustment.

Industry consolidation and consolidation trend is obvious

Throughout the field of food equipment, the profit margin of industries such as liquid food packaging, dairy product processing, processing of livestock and poultry products, brewing of wine and condiments is relatively higher than that of other industries. Therefore, extra-regional capital competes in the field of food equipment. Specifically, Performance in the industry Large-scale equity financing, listing and financing, as well as M & A consolidation in the related industry chain, the capital market's attention in this area continued to improve, especially in the first half of 2016-2016.

More than 20 food and equipment enterprises, including New America Star, Prism, Weihai Voyage, Hangzhou Central Asia, Hangzhou Wing Chong, Shandong Dingtaisheng and Hunan Boyaa Smart, have landed on the GEM and the New Third Board in succession. Large-scale capital market intervention provides a lot of financial support for the industry, which helps enterprises to innovate their products, adjust their industrial structure and highlight their competitive advantages. They have further expanded their production capacity and scale and increased their basic infrastructure investment. Development needs, technologically breakthroughs in the landmark products have been put on the market; further optimization of enterprise development model, innovation ability continues to increase, while accelerating the integration of the food and beverage industry has played a strong catalyst for mergers and acquisitions.

Breakthrough in key technical equipment

In the recent five years, China has made the most efforts in the field of food technology and equipment, involving the widest range of specialized technologies and research fields, the highest degree of technological integration and industrialization, the largest number of standards and patents, the fastest transformation of scientific research achievements, and the technology-driven and demonstration The most obvious effect, made the most economic and social benefits of historical period. It has successively tackled a number of key technical equipment challenges and has achieved fruitful results in the development of technologies and key equipment in such key areas as grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry products, aquatic products processing and packaging of liquid foods, and the capability of independent innovation has been greatly enhanced.

A number of core technologies and advanced equipment with independent intellectual property rights have been developed in various fields of food equipment and equipment. Many complete lines and stand-alone technical equipment with high levels of intelligence, automation and greening have been launched. Significant breakthroughs have been made in the research of key technologies such as non-thermal processing of food, biodegradable food packaging materials, on-line safety testing and quality control, food safety traceability covering the entire industrial chain, remote control and diagnosis based on Internet of Things technologies, Bottle / hour 5L high-capacity blowing irrigation machine; 36000 bottles / hour PET bottled plant protein beverage aseptic filling line; 72000 cans / hour high-speed draft beer cans production line; 15000 bottles / hour PET milk aseptic cold filling combination Machine and 18000 bottles / hour PET bottle fermented milk ultra-clean filling combination machine; intelligent storage system; liquid food robot automatic packaging production line; Xiaoqu robot automatic identification Shangli system; intelligent white wine brewing system; condiment grain solid state intelligent fermentation unit and The key technologies of complete sets of equipment; key technology of potato powder production; automatic continuous intelligent sterilization kettle; 220 kg / h intelligent semi-dry noodles production line; 12,000 / hour broilers automatic slaughter and processing production line and a number of key technologies and equipment.

Construct and improve the integrated innovation system of production, education and research

In the past five years, with the support of the relevant ministries and commissions and policies, China's food equipment industry has basically formed a strategic alliance based on technological innovation in the food equipment industry. Large and medium-sized key enterprises are the mainstay of the food equipment industry. Supported by research institutes and institutions of higher learning, Combination of scientific research and technological innovation model. In a number of sub-sectors to support a number of strong science and technology innovation capability of food equipment enterprises. In the process of technological innovation, the cooperation in production, teaching and research continued to develop in depth, the level of cooperation was continuously improved, the cooperation model was continuously innovated, the contingent of qualified personnel continued to grow, the overall quality was generally improved, the number of colleges and universities carrying out teaching and research related to food equipment increased, the newly established A number of national and provincial research and development centers, demonstration bases. It has played an important role in optimizing scientific and technological resources and improving the efficiency of innovation. It has broken through a number of key technologies and major product technologies that are common to industries and solved some technical bottlenecks that affect the development of the industry.

Due to strong state support, relatively perfect innovation and research system, continuous scientific research input, the product mix of food equipment enterprises has been diversified, upgraded and functionalized. The proportion of high-tech and high value-added products has steadily risen and the proportion of high- Echelon-type complete industrial chain, the overall performance of the product gradually improved, some of the equipment to fill the gaps in many areas of domestic and shortened the gap between China's food equipment technology and the international advanced level, high-end key equipment, complete sets of equipment and international technical level Some advanced products have reached or exceeded the advanced level in the world. Some of the products have taken the place of import and opened up international market. The realization of the key complete sets of equipment spanning from long-term dependence on imports to the realization of complete self-reliance and complete exports has basically realized the mid-range products Localization, the technical level and reliability of the machine increased year by year; low-end products due to the existence of low technology configuration, high failure rate, high energy consumption defects in the structural adjustment is gradually transformed or eliminated.

The food equipment industry has made rapid progress in the field of liquid food with a high degree of automation and informatization. The aseptic filling of dairy products and packaging materials have been rapidly developed. Some areas of beer and beverage equipment already have international competitiveness. From scratch, packaging equipment has been serialized, industrialized, pre-white wine brewing in some areas have achieved intelligent whole-line breakthrough; wine equipment in the latter part of the packaging has been a lot of localization, but in the former crushing, crushing, filtration, treatment There is still a certain gap between the two sides; there has been a rapid development in grain brewing such as soy sauce, vinegar and rice wine. With the standardization and systematization of traditional process research, the brewing equipment has begun to appear intelligent; the alcohol equipment has taken on an international competitive edge .

Poultry meat processing machinery in recent years showed a trend of explosive growth. As China's traditional meat processing technology continues to be the theoretical research institutes, a large number of automated equipment in the process of slaughtering, cutting, baking, tumbling, crushing, extrusion, smoking, conditioning and other processes.

Pasta and baking equipment, the past, a variety of simple hand-operated machinery has been increasingly central kitchen automatic noodles, buns, dumplings, cakes and other automated or even intelligent production line replaced.

Canning equipment, China's two cans, three cans of mature applications, the need to upgrade is suitable for all kinds of meat, fruits and vegetables and other content of the automatic filling machine and the corresponding complete process equipment.

The field of fruit and vegetable processing has been developing rapidly in recent years. A relatively complete industrial equipment system has been established in the field of pretreatment such as crushing, extraction, blowing powder, cutting, netting, drying, concentration and dehydration.

Sugar equipment, has begun to take an international competitive strength, need to enhance energy consumption, emissions.

Equipment enterprises go global strategy has achieved initial success

After more than 20 years of development, some of China's food equipment products already have international competitiveness and the strategy of going out has achieved initial success. Customs statistics show that in 2015, the total import and export volume of China's food and packaging machinery reached 7.285 billion U.S. dollars, of which, the import and export of food machinery totaled 2.925 billion U.S. dollars and the import and export of packaging machinery totaled 4.361 billion U.S. dollars. China's import and export of food and packaging machinery for the first time in 2015 achieved a trade surplus, the surplus reached a peak of nearly 60 years, the value of 609 million US dollars, reflecting our country's food equipment in the international community has a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market in Favorable position From time to time, we have seen foreign buyers from Southeast Asia, India, Russia and other countries in various food exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Nanning. Our equipment is cost- Preferred. At the same time, China's beer, beverage equipment and other advanced enterprises have gone abroad to promote foreign exhibitors.

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