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Winding packaging machine daily safe use
Dec 13, 2017

With the development of the packaging industry, the film winder is getting more and more popular among the packaging machinery and equipment, but we all know that no matter what kind of equipment we use, it will always be inevitable There may be problems, or unsafe operation, it may be dangerous, so how should we safely operate it?

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1. Before starting to start the machine to confirm the machine is normal, confirm the power is connected;

2. Before operating the inverter, please read the manual of inverter manual carefully.

3. The normal use of the regular inspection of the machine connected to the various parts of the public or off, to confirm that to prevent the operation, failure;

4. It is forbidden to move or remove the upper and lower fixed stoppers to prevent the trouble during winding;

5. The turntable should be rotated clockwise after it is started.

6. The machine at work, we should ensure that no one standing below the machine to prevent the danger of working in the machine.

7. It is forbidden to reach out or reach other objects while working to prevent damaging rubber roller or fingers.

8 is strictly prohibited in the process of running into the vicinity of the chain for maintenance or inspection, or other operations to prevent injury. If there is a problem, first turn off the power.

9. When the machine is running, the operator should stand in a safe place at a distance from the turntable. When the machine stops working, the machine should be close to the machine to prevent casualties.

10. Should be firmly grounded or pick zero (zero should not be mixed), to prevent leakage damage to the machine or personnel.

11. The machine should be reassembled and tested by a professional before it is moved out of its original position and safe to use.

12. Regularly check the electrical and electrical connections, clean the electrical cabinet.

While we are using the winder safely, we should ensure that our machines can be used safely and stably. The machines can not be maintained after they are purchased, because good maintenance can ensure the long-term use of our machines.

1, inside and outside the chain of the machine chain to maintain a good lubrication effect, when the membrane frame when moving up and down the phenomenon of jitter, you can by tensioning the chain to ease.

2, if the turntable slows down or slipping phenomenon, you can open the turntable motor cover, loosen the connecting plate on the mounting plate, you can adjust the tensioning bolt clockwise to achieve the required tension.

3, when using the machine when placing the goods to be packaged gently, so as not to cause the chassis deformation.

4, the goods should be placed on the turntable range, if the goods are too large, beyond the scope of 10cm or less according to the actual space of the winding machine to operate, otherwise it will damage the winding machine, which requires us to purchase the machine, it should be with Manufacturers confirm that we need the size of the tray, so when the customer will not be wrong.

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