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What is automated box opening sealing machine
Dec 13, 2017

Carton is currently used in a wide range of packaging methods, suitable for various industries, such as beer, beverage industry, food, condiment industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry and other shaped packaging products industry. Carton lightweight, but also more secure, but packing is more complicated sealing, but also time-consuming.

Therefore, more and more manufacturers have chosen Gao Zhen machinery packing sealing machine.

Unpacking carton sealing machine

Automatic box machine features:

① carton board storage methods, the use of vertical storage and can be added at any time carton board (without downtime fill box);

② Applicable carton specifications, at the same time the same size carton packaging, carton specifications for changing the hand, adjust the use of (adjustment time required only 1 to 2 minutes);

③ using rational design, synchronous drawing, with the end of the fold at the same time with the back cover completed;

④ mechanical performance is precise and durable, the operation of the process without vibration, stable operation, long life;

⑤ compact size, high mobility, high speed, high efficiency.

Operating procedures:

Installed good product Folded lid of the product box from the left side of the drum into the line, into the first packaging machinery: Automatic word-type sealing machine (for a word-sealing)

- → Into the second packaging machinery: Automatic balers (fight two packing tape)

- → Into the third packaging machinery: 90 ° rotating machine

- → Into the fourth packaging machinery: automatic edge sealing machine (into the square edge sealing, the formation of I-letter sealing)

- → Into the final fifth Packaging Machinery: Automatic balers (playing the other two of the packing tape to form a well-shaped packing)

- → I-type sealing box well type packing completed.

We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Not only for Chinese market, but for Sonth Amreican,North American,Aisa, Middle East, African and Eurpean Market. 

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