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The development of the market for paper-plastic packaging machine remains to be seen
Jan 20, 2018

The history of human use of packaging can be chased to ancient times. As early as the primitive society of about 10,000 years ago, with the improvement of production technology, production has been developed. With surplus items to be stored and exchanged, the original packaging began to appear. Later, with the improvement of labor skills, the most primitive baskets, baskets, mud pots, mud bowls and mud irrigation were produced for preserving food and other items, and the transportation, storage and storage functions of the packages were initially improved .

  The beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1860s brought a powerful boost to all walks of life and made a qualitative leap in packaging equipment in particular. In the 1980s, filling machines, filling machines, sealing machines, multi-purpose packaging machines, etc. Gradually enter the market. After entering the twenty-first century, packaging equipment more perfect, and the filling machine, filling machine, sealing machine, multi-functional packaging machines were subdivided.

  Filling machine The packing material is filled into the packaging container by a predetermined amount.

1, volumetric filling machine

2, weighing filling machine

3, counting filling machine

  Filling machine The liquid product is poured into the packaging container by a predetermined amount.

1, isobaric filling machine

2, negative pressure filling machine

3, atmospheric filling machine

4, pressure filling machine

  Sealing machine After the product is packaged in a packaging container, the container is sealed.

1, hot sealing machine

2, gland sealing machine

3, screw-type sealing machine

4, curling-type sealing machine

  Multi-purpose packaging machine to complete a number of packaging processes of the machine.

1, automatic packaging machine

2, Zhisu packaging machine

3, metal tableware packaging machine

4, to the bag packaging

5, vacuum packaging machine

  In other words, the development of packaging equipment has gone through several years. In the process, the market structure of the paper-plastic packaging machine is also changing, how will its future evolution? let us wait and see.

Our company is focus on researching and development the powder and granule packing machine, and we have got ISO 9001 and CE certificate. 

We specialize in the design and manufacture of large package and small package. Semi-automatic and automatic packaging machinery and supporting equipment provide various solutions for customers to meet different requirements of customers. Each machine can reflect the high cost performance .

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