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Pillow type packaging machine, vertical packaging machine and horizontal packaging machine What is the difference
Jan 26, 2018

Vertical packaging machine: the coil is usually at the top of the machine, through the vertical bag making machine will be made into a molding bag, and then filling and packaging, sealing and other processes Horizontal Packaging Machine can be divided into two types: to the bag Style and homemade bag.

 ----- to the bag is the existing prefabricated bags on the bagging area, through the level of the bag in the form of opening, blowing, metering cutting, sealing, printing and other processes.

 ----- Self-made bags and bags of the difference is that the self-made bags need to automatically complete the roll forming or film forming bag process, the process is basically done by the horizontal form.

Pillow-type packaging machine: the items to be packaged are conveyed horizontally by the conveying mechanism to the web or film inlet (the web or film is already in the form of a cylinder through the bag-making machine, and the packaged goods will enter into the cylindrical packaging material) After the synchronous operation, followed by heat sealing, vacuuming (vacuum packaging) or aspirated (inflatable packaging), cutting and other processes.For example: small bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles and other foods are packed by pillow packing machine, Compared with the horizontal packaging and vertical packaging, pillow packaging for block, strip, ball and other relatively more than the type of single items or integrated items. For example, Shuangwaiwai, dry batteries, even food (instant noodles), etc. These belong to the pillow collection packaging.

Our company is focus on researching and development the powder and granule packing machine, and we have got ISO 9001 and CE certificate. 

We specialize in the design and manufacture of large package and small package. Semi-automatic and automatic packaging machinery and supporting equipment provide various solutions for customers to meet different requirements of customers. Each machine can reflect the high cost performance .

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