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Packaging machinery now and in the future
Feb 02, 2018

The level of development of packaging industry and packaging design research and development concept, not only reflects the industrial strength of a country, but also reflects the level of civilization in a social and economic level. Packaging industry includes product design, production, packaging and printing, packaging raw and auxiliary materials supply, packaging machinery and packaging equipment manufacturing and other production areas, packaging products are also involved in the first to the third industry, the circulation of goods in every aspect. The use of packaging products for disposal, recycling and recycling of the packaging industry is a permanent social responsibility. Therefore, the development of the packaging industry is closely related to the global economic integration and the sustainable development of human society. As a "sunrise industry", the packaging industry will inevitably have a role to play in the global manufacturing industry and the international circulation of its products.

Domestic development status
Strengthening product structure adjustment, upgrading technological innovation, and accelerating the pace with international standards are still important tasks for the development of domestic packaging machinery.
During the "Eleventh Five-year Plan", China's packaging machinery industry based on the principle of "national strategic imperative, industrial development necessary, technological competition essential, and huge social needs", from the point of view of industrial development, a batch of sports complex and high-tech Food and packaging machinery has played an important role in the industry. A group of high-tech, certain innovative ability of the fist products, not only to meet the needs of the domestic market, but also to participate in international competition in the market, selling at home and abroad. The development and application of these research results have improved the overall technical level of China's packaging machinery industry and greatly shortened the gap with developed countries.
Take the road of technological innovation in product science and technology, is China's packaging machinery technology a major strategic choice. In recent years, China's packaging machinery industry has basically formed a large and medium-sized backbone enterprises as the mainstay to research institutes and institutions of higher learning as a support, a combination of industry and research technology innovation model.
 During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the state proposed an innovative development model to raise the standardization level and provide technical support for promoting industrial upgrading. Adjust and optimize the product structure, change the mode of economic growth and enhance the capability of independent innovation. From quantity growth to quality and efficiency improvement, from tracking and imitation to independent innovation as the main shift, focusing on single technology breakthrough to pay attention to technology integration.
 Packaging machinery industry is also actively promoting the original packaging machinery innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption capacity of innovation, promote product development with independent intellectual property rights. Survey shows that the main problems of China's packaging machinery is not a manufacturing problem, but the design problems, about 80% of the problems in the design aspects, the packaging machinery industry mainly with reference design, very few independent design, this design is difficult Injecting technological content and upgrading the design level, the packaging machinery industry research and design process is not in place, the level of results and more, less the market effect of less, resulting in some of the international level of scientific research and design results or national awards market results not recognized, can not promote . Therefore, we need to re-rationalize scientific research design procedures, develop a new round of research and design guidelines, promote independent design capabilities, and strive to enhance the level of scientific research and design.
Packaging machinery technology trends
First, the basic technology of packaging machinery
1. Mechatronics: improve the automation of packaging machinery and operational reliability and stability;
 2. Heat pipe technology: improve the quality of packaging machinery seal, reliability and adaptability of materials, energy conservation;
3. Microcomputer application technology: The microcomputer control, detection, compensation, adjustment, display and other technologies used in packaging machinery to improve the reliability of packaging machinery and intelligent operation;
4. Basic supporting technology: supporting electrical components, special pumps, valve products, sensors, motors and electrical control components. Develop a variety of online or offline testing equipment, such as foreign body testing, weight review, metal testing, vacuum testing equipment;
5. Modular technology: Modular design technology to improve the operation of packaging production lines and production systems;
 6. Design Technology: To improve the optimization of packaging machinery design, reliability design, computer-aided design (CAD), the level of industrial design modeling;
 7. Manufacturing Technology: To improve packaging machinery in the selection and application of materials, processing equipment and technology, material surface treatment, quality inspection and so on, to promote the use of CAD / CAM technology;
8. Use of machine vision for the packaging industry to provide effective protection of product quality;
Promote the use of digital control technology to promote the packaging machinery industry, industrialization and information integration depth.

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