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Packaging machinery and equipment development prospects
Jan 26, 2018

Modern technology used in the field of packaging, packaging technology to make more simplistic and more scientific and rational. In the past, plastic packaging extrusion, hot pressing, stamping and other molding processes have been gradually used in the cardboard packaging molding, the paper-plastic packaging is more widely used.

Faced with the globalization of competition and the transformation of China's manufacturing industry, Zhisu packaging machine business from mass production to the market or customer requirements flexible production changes, design and control systems to design and control system integration of their own independent one integrated change, the global procurement, production Changes, manufacturing plants on the quality, cost, efficiency and safety requirements are also rising, we can expect these changes will promote the development and application of intelligent packaging machinery and equipment technology.

At present, China's paper-plastic packaging machinery and equipment are relatively dispersed, with integrated equipment is not small, paper-plastic packaging machine is able to complete all or part of the product and product packaging process machinery. There are many advantages to using mechanically packaged products, which not only increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also meet the needs of mass production and meet sanitation requirements.

Seen in this light, the development prospects of packaging machinery and equipment is very broad. It is clear that to improve equipment efficiency, accuracy, reduce production costs is the difference between high, medium and low-end packaging machinery key factor.

Our company is focus on researching and development the powder and granule packing machine, and we have got ISO 9001 and CE certificate. 

We specialize in the design and manufacture of large package and small package. Semi-automatic and automatic packaging machinery and supporting equipment provide various solutions for customers to meet different requirements of customers. Each machine can reflect the high cost performance .

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