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Food packaging machine common faults and precautions
Feb 02, 2018

No matter what the food packaging machinery equipment, no matter how much the price of equipment, in the long period of use, more or less there will be some failure. In peacetime, the staff of the packaging machine for daily maintenance and care, can greatly reduce the chances of failure. A failure, timely maintenance, maintenance, but also reduce the probability of failure later. The following Guangdong Ruiqi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. concluded some pillow-type food packaging machine failure, how we deal with how to deal with changes.

 First, when the seal appears traces of crease: This time to speed up the packaging machine, or the temperature decreases, and replace the film material, you can solve the problem.
Second, if the incision will be cut into the product: this time the packaging machine should be the color standard at the packaging film fixed color punctuation, or adjust the feeding feed before and after the position, and make the knife center is in the middle of product height position.
 Third, when the cut-off position deviates from the color scale: This time we must refer to the manual to adjust the sensitivity of pillow packing machine, while the tracking mode switch to 'tracking cut'.

 The three mentioned above are only a few of the problems that occur in the use of the pillow-type food packaging machine. Although these are very small problems, improper handling can cause more damage to the packaging machine. Therefore, Take the best use, but also pay attention to the packaging machine for maintenance and repair. Welcome customers in the face of machine failure when the call, we can work with you to solve the problem.

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