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A word sealing machine
Dec 11, 2017

Machine Description:

1, parts:

The use of international advanced finishing equipment processing, selection of internationally renowned brand accessories.

2, technology:

Gore Qi relying on more than 10 years of independent research and design experience, and draw Japan, Germany and other international counterparts in the sealing machine advanced technology.

3, design:

① The leading color of this sealing machine is beige, set style, exquisite in one. Can also be based on customer needs, configure the appropriate color of the corresponding production lines of the machine;

② compact size, pulley complementarity, the displacement is very flexible, more convenient installation and commissioning.

4, the powerful functions of rational optimization:

① according to carton specifications, manual adjustment of width and height, simple, fast and convenient;

② belt drive on both sides, from top to bottom sealing, economic, fast, stable;

5, industry-leading sealing performance:

① stable performance, reliable quality, high sealing efficiency, applicability, long service life;

② suitable for product packing lighter carton sealing, sealing effect is smooth, standard, beautiful;

③ Adopt the tape seal, fast economic, easy to adjust, can be completed once, the next sealing action.

6, protection design:

① mechanical performance of precision and durability, tight structure design, operation without vibration, stable and reliable operation;

② equipped with blade guard to avoid accidental stab wounds during operation, safe production, efficient packaging.

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