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Horizontal Powder Packing Machine for Milk Sugar Toose Spice Powder,Rice Paste, Snacks

GX-130 Horizontal full automatical packaging machine is suitable for bag three side seal and four side seal.The bags packed are more beautiful.It can be used for packing various kinds of powder materials, such as Spice powder,snacks,Milk sugar,Rice paste,Toose powder,etc..

GX-130 full automatical Horizontal Powder Packing Machine for Milk Sugar Toose Spice Powder,Rice Paste, Snacks




1.Machine main Characters



Variable frequency speed regulation system

Imported AC motor and variable frequency speed regulation, stable and reliable running, low speed and large torque, even in the case of large load changes, It still have the excellent performance

Servo feeding system

Panasonic servo motor control of the pulse number to control the screw feeder feeding, the performance is stable and reliable and simple and quick adjustment.

Bag making system

Bag making, sealing and filling are relatively independent systems. The two system is through mechanical linkage and P L C coordinating the linkage. Therefore, the utility model can be suitable for different packing objects and packing bags.

Finished product sealing system

Fully automatic production equipment, such as automatic bag making, metering filling and sealing,using hot sealing packaging material (polyethylene film, multilayer composite film, etc.). The flat bag is three sides sealing or four sealing. Different forms of filling machine can be chosen to pack different products.

Integrated controlling system

PLC programmable computer program controller, frequency converter and other components, high integration, strong control ability, reliable operation. The application of touch screen technology makes the operation more reliable and convenient. Photoelectric sensors, encoders, proximity switches are used to import advanced sensing components, so that the mechanical and electrical integration of the machine has been a perfect performance.

2.Equipment Description



Packing Data

Packing object


Packing way

Three-sided, four-sided sealing bag

Packaging speed

20-50bags/m(Determined by the contents of the package and the size of the packing)

Packaging accuracy


Wide range of bags


High range of bags


Packing unit


Machine Size



Machine Weight

The total weight


Working Conditions







Power frequency




Work pressure


Gas consumption



3.Machine configuration

Basic configuration

Two couples designated horizontal hot sealing

one couple designated vertical hot sealing

Film automatic centering mounting shaft

Film guiding shaft

Automatic correcting device for film flagging 

Automatic level control system

Bag forming device

Three side and four side sealing device

Standard incision device

Easy tearing device

AUTONICS Photoelectric tracking control system: AUTONICS

 Vacuum bag opening device: Japan AMC vacuum generator

10 bit hard press device

 Product discharge system

  Body cold steel spray, and material contact part is SUS304 stainless steel

 Frequency conversion control system: MITSUBISHI inverted control system

Imported main drive: ABB AC motor

 Inflatable shaft membrane system

 Japan MITSUBISHI LCD touch screen operating system

 Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC microcomputer control system

 Taiwan East servo feed system

 Powder feeding system

Operation manual


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