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Automatic Sauce and Liquid Cuped Filling Sealing and Packing Machine

The GXFB-2-2 series full automatic canned cup packing machine can automatically drop the cup, put the film on the manipulator, seal automatically, and make out the cup automatically.Suitable for liquid and sauce cuped packing.

 Automatic cups filling and sealing packing machine, are automatic high-speed sealing machine, from the cup washing, cup feeding, can filling, film filling, sealing, cut film, code, film recovery, off the cup, push the cup For automatic operation. Electrical and pneumatic components are used at home and abroad famous brand manufacturers products, stable quality, long service life, the important mechanical components are made using advanced precision machining center, so machinery with good, stable, advanced and reliable performance.
 Machine temperature control system uses a new electric thermostat controller, is a new generation of intelligent heating system, temperature control effect is more energy-efficient, new design, reasonable structure and beautiful, with acid-resistant stainless steel, in line with health standards, easy maintenance.


2: Features:
 A:  automatic cup feeding, automatic sealing, automatic film, automatic cup. Fall cup, seal, cut film, send cups are controlled by the PLC pneumatic control;
 B: The machine uses two times sealing, sealing temperature, pressure adjustable, sealing trimming even and beautiful; food contact parts are made of SS304 stainless steel; the machine frame made of SS304 material, filling the body control box and machine shell Are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy; movement template using aluminum

3:Technical Parameter




Packing speed


The machine can achieved: Automatic fall cup, reserve station (filling system according to production requirements), manipulator put film, automatic sealing, automatic cup.

Rated power

3 kw/h

Power Supply


Rated pressure


Gas consumption

0.6m3 /min

Host size


Filling Volume




Gross weight


4:Video :

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